Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Language According to D'oh

In the street

H: Heydily-ho, Su Young.

S: Hyung-Min! Sweet Georgia Brown! Look at your pants! Please hoist your flag!

H: Really? Oh! Thank you.

S: Your clothes are very dirty. You look like a hobo. What happened?

H: In fact, I lost my bag a month ago. So I went to the police office, but they used an unknown language that I couldn’t speak, so they said, “Shoo! Keep away, hobo!” So I have stayed here for one month without money. I’m very hungry.

S: Oh, you neglecterino. You need a foster home. Okay, let’s go to my home. I will melbafy some toast for you.

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Hi Cate.
I didn't know that you wrote my assignment in your blog.
When I went to your blog, I was impressed by updated my homework.
Thank you for your feedback.
I will often visit your blog.
See you tomorrow.
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