Wednesday, July 26, 2006


“The Simsons”

Girl: Do you have as many cookies as you can eat in your house?

Boy: No…I have cooties in my house instead.

Girl: I like “Finding Nemo”, so I watch it everyday at home.

Boy: Mm…I like finding a hobo, so I catch him everyday at home.

Girl: Uh-oh, I think you better hoist your flag now.

Boy: Yes! I always hoist my flag on my friends to make a living.

Girl: My mom always melbafies toast for me every morning. She is so wonderful.

Boy: Mm…my mom always minimizes toast like a bad nanny in a foster home. She is so ugly.

Girl: Are you a neglecterino or something?

Boy: Oh…I think so.

Girl: Sweet Georgia Brown! Shoo! Please keep away from me!

cf (7/26/2006 7:12:34 PM): The language according to D'oh was funny. I'm not sure its in the way the student meant though. Very funny. I need to see that episode again.*

*an instant message sent in response to the blog on 7/26/06
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