Wednesday, July 26, 2006


“Smart Kid”

Characters - Robber (R); Kid (K)

R: Hey. Heydily-ho, babe!

K: Hi

R: What are you doing now?

K: I’m eating melba toast. Would you…?

R: Thanks.

K: Are you a hobo?

R: Hmm…Actually me parents abandoned me. I was a hobo (so sad). By the way, give me your money. I’m a robber. Can’t you see the gun?

K: Oh my god.

R: Hold your hands up and give me your wallet.

K: Keepaway! Keepaway!

R: No! Please give me my wallet!

R: Sweet Georgia Brown! There is no money. Are you a neglecterino?

K: Well, I live in a foster home. My parents are stingy. They don’t give me money at all. Hmm…wait a second. Hoist your flag!

R: What? (Looks down at his clothing)

K: Get my cooties! Get my cooties!

R: Oh, shoo! Shoo!

K: Put the gun down! Put the wallet down!

R: Oh. You’ve very powerful cooties. I can’t see.

Oh my god!!
The story is crude and childlike, I think..^^;

anyway thanks to post our sript!

-from the one guy of hobo brothers
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